Talicia_StarFangInfinite pathways depart from a single portal.

Locales, times, sentients, concepts and other things met along the way form the fabric of of existence.

Some we pass but once, others we return to often, drawn by some desire or need.

I didn't analyze these. They attract me. I know, because I've re-visited them many times.

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Ilona Andrews
Marion Zimmer Brady
Patricia Briggs
Kristen Britain
Lois McMaster Bujold
Rachel Caine
Trudi Canavan
Orson Card
C. J Cherryh

S L Farrell
C. S. Friedman
William Gibson
Laurell Hamilton  
Kim Harrison
JC & Barb Hendee
Dean Ing
Ellen Kushner
Mercedes Lackey
Jane Lindskold
Marjorie M Liu
R A McAvoy
Seanan McGuire
Patricia McKillip
Robin McKinley
Shirley Meier
Devon Monk
Elizabeth Moon
Kat Richardson
Jennifer Roberson
Melissa Scott
Mike Shepherd
Linnea Sinclair
S. M. Sterling  
Carrie Vaughn
David Weber
Karen Wehrstein
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Honor Harrington - David Weber
On Obelisk Station
Her Majesty's Honor
The Sort Victorious War
Field of Honor
The Fey - CS Friedman
When True Night Falls
Nightseer - Laurell Hamilton
Damar - Robin Hobbs
The Blue Sword
Endor Wiggins - Orson Scott Card
Endor's Game
Speaker for the Dead
Del and the Sandtiger - Jennifer Roberson
Sword Maker
Sword Singer
Sword Singer
Sword Born
Fool's War - Sarah Zettel
Tepper Series - Shirley Tepper
Woman's Country
The Earthsea trilogy - Andre Norton
Tomoe Gozen series - Amanda Salmonson
Always Coming Home -
Trouble and her Friends - Melissa Scott
Neuromancer series - William Gibson
TV Shows and Movies
Babylon 5
Xena - Warrior Princess
Startrek - Next Generation
Startrek - DS 9
Startrek - Voyager
....to be continued