C J Cherryh


The Alliance-Union Universe
The Alliance-Union universe is a science fiction future history series, in which the development of political entities and cultures occurs over a long time period. Major characters in one work may be referenced or appear briefly in another.

The Company Wars
Serpent's Reach (DAW Books, 1980); Cover art by David Mattingly
Downbelow Station (1981)
Heavy Time (1991)
Hellburner (1992)
Devil to the Belt (2000) – single-volume edition of the above two books

The Era of Rapprochement
Serpent's Reach (1980)
Merchanter's Luck (1982)
Forty Thousand in Gehenna (1983)
Cyteen (1988) 
Rimrunners (1989)
Tripoint (1994)
Finity's End (1997)
Cyteen sequel (untitled – in progress on hold [3])

The Chanur Novels

The Pride of Chanur (1981)
Chanur's Venture (1984)
The Kif Strike Back (1985)
The Chanur Saga (2000) – single-volume edition of the above three books
Chanur's Homecoming (1986)
Chanur's Legacy (1992)

The Mri Wars
Main article: Faded Sun Trilogy
At the Edge of Space, Omnibus edition (DAW Books, 2003)
The Faded Sun: Kesrith (1978)
The Faded Sun: Shon'Jir (1978)
The Faded Sun: Kutath (1979)
The Faded Sun Trilogy (UK, 1987 and US, 2000) – omnibus editions of the above three books

Merovingen Nights (Mri Wars Period)
Angel with the Sword (1985)
Merovingen Nights – shared world series of anthologies (see "As Editor" below)

The Age of Exploration
Port Eternity (1982)
Voyager in Night (1984)
Cuckoo's Egg (1985)

The Hanan Rebellion
Brothers of Earth (1976)
Hunter of Worlds (1977)
At the Edge of Space (2003) – single-volume edition of the above two books
The Morgaine Cycle
Gate of Ivrel (1976)
Well of Shiuan (1978)
Fires of Azeroth (1979)
Above three collected in the U.S. omnibus edition The Morgaine Saga (2000)
Exile's Gate (1988)

The Foreigner Universe
Foreigner (1994)
Invader (1995)
Inheritor (1996)

Precursor (1999)
Defender (2001)
Explorer (2003)

Destroyer (2005)
Pretender (2006)
new Foreigner book (untitled – in progress [4])

fourth trilogy contracted [5]

Finisterre universe
Rider at the Gate (1995)
Cloud's Rider (1996)

Gene Wars
Hammerfall (2001)
Forge of Heaven (2004)

Hestia (1979)
Wave Without a Shore (1981)

The Fortress Series
Fortress in the Eye of Time (1995)
Fortress of Eagles (1998)
Fortress of Owls (1999)
Fortress of Dragons (2000)
Fortress of Ice (publication scheduled for November 2006)

The Dreaming Tree (DAW Books, 1997); Cover art by Michael Whelan
Ealdwood (1981 novellette)
The Dreamstone (1983 novel) – rewrite of the 1979 short story "The Dreamstone" and the novelette "Ealdwood"
The Tree of Swords and Jewels (1983 novel)
The Dreaming Tree (1997) – single-volume edition of the two 1983 novels with revisions

The Russian Stories
Rusalka (1989)
Chernevog (1990)
Yvgenie (1991)

Heroes in Hell
Kings in Hell (1986), novel with Janet Morris
Gates of Hell (1986), novel with Janet Morris
Legions of Hell (1987)

Miscellaneous Fantasy
The Paladin (1988)
The Goblin Mirror (1992)
Faery in Shadow (1993)
Lois & Clark: A Superman Novel (1996)

The Deep Beyond (Omnibus) (DAW Books, 2005)
Sunfall (1981) – short stories
Visible Light (1986) – short stories
Glass and Amber (1987) – short stories and essays
Alternate realities (2000) – three short novels in omnibus edition: Port Eternity, Wave Without a Shore and Voyager in Night
The Collected Short Fiction of C. J. Cherryh (2004) – short stories including those in Sunfall, Visible Light and others
The Deep Beyond (2005) – two short novels in omnibus edition: Cuckoo's Egg and Serpent's Reach

As editor

The Merovingen Nights shared-world anthologies are set on the world of Merovin in Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe. They are collections of interrelated short stories written by Cherryh and others. Cherryh's novel Angel with the Sword precedes book #1 in this series.
Festival Moon (1987) – Merovingen Nights #1
Fever Season (1987) – Merovingen Nights #2
Troubled Waters (1988) – Merovingen Nights #3
Smuggler's Gold (1988) – Merovingen Nights #4
Divine Right (1989) – Merovingen Nights #5
Flood Tide (1990) – Merovingen Nights #6
Endgame (1991) – Merovingen Nights #7

As translator
The Sword of Knowledge (Omnibus ed., Baen Books, 1995)
The Green Gods (1980), by N. C. Henneberg (Nathalie and Charles Henneberg)
Stellar Crusade (1980), by Pierre Barbet
The Book of Shai (1982), by Daniel Walther
Shai's Destiny (1985), by Daniel Walther

Cherryh did not write the three novels in the Sword of Knowledge series, but received co-author's credit because she penned a foreword to each. The publisher removed Cherryh's introductions from most or all editions of these works.
A Dirge for Sabis (1989), by Cherryh and Leslie Fish
Wizard Spawn (1989), by Cherryh and Nancy Asire
Reap the Whirlwind (1989), by Cherryh and Mercedes Lackey
The Sword of Knowledge (Omnibus, 1995) – compilation of the three titles in a single volume

Stories read are in bold italics