Lois McMaster Bujold

Chalion series

The Curse of Chalion
Cazaril, once castle-warder, then war-slave, is tasked with protecting Royess Iselle at Chalion's royal courts. A multi-generational curse and political intrigue complicates matters when the gods intervene.
Paladin of Souls
Dowager Royina Ista embarks on a pilgrimage to escape her over-protective household. Enroute, she is enlisted, reluctantly, by the gods to gather in the demon-possessed people.
The Hallowed Hunt
Lord Ingrey, sent to arrest Lady Ijade for the slaying of Prince Boleso, finds someone bespelled him to assasinate the lady.  Ingrey harbors a wolf spirit, akin to the ancient warriors but unacceptable to the Five Gods. He must defeat the spell and deliver the lady to likely execution. But the Lady Ijade has become the focus of a 400 year old geas to redeem the slain warriors of a massacre.

The Sharing Knife series

The Sharing Knife : Beguilement
Dag, the Lakewalker patroller, rescues Fawn, a farmgirl, a magical monster known as a Malice.
The Sharing Knife : Legacy
Dag and Fawn return to Hickory Camp and does not find welcome.

The Sharing Knife : Passage
The Sharing Knife : Horizon