Elizabeth Moon


Paks series

Surrender None
Liar's Oath
The Deed of Paksenarrion
Sheepfarmer's Daughter
Divided Allegiance
Oath of Gold
The Legacy of Gird

Familias Regnant universe

Heris Serrano trilogy

Hunting Party
Sporting Chance
Winning Colours
Heris Serrano - omnibus edition

Esmay Suiza trilogy

Once a Hero
Rules of Engagement
Change of Command
Against the Odds

Vatta's War
Trading in Danger
Marque and Reprisal
Engaging the Enemy

The Planet Pirates trilogy

Sassinak – Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Moon
The Death of Sleep – Anne McCaffrey & Jody Lynn Nye
Generation Warriors – Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Moon
The Planet Pirates – omnibus edition, McCaffrey, Moon, & Nye

Other novels
Remnant Population