Laurel Tappe
Oct 6, 2010

Aloha kakou.

I really appreciated reading all you wrote about Lorin.  Many fond memories came back.

He suggested I take salt pills to climb out of Pelekunu but I refused. Later I regretted it and he took my back pack to lighten my load while we were pulling ourselves up the vertical ascent.

I also think I remember the time he had no coffee. Regarding the scotch: I think I was oblivious to that. Or else I just accepted it along with his other idiosyncrasies. 

My dad hiked with us (forgot which hike) and I enjoyed listening to their conversations. He reminded me a bit of my dad, gruff, but ever present. I feel so blessed to have known him. He was a human treasure. It also makes me happy to think that he lives on in all of you.