Jane Feldman

Friday, November 05, 2010

Jim, Thank you so much for posting these memorial pages for Lorin.

I learned just today that Lorin had passed away in October. I live in Las Vegas, and I still am a member of Moanalua Gardens Foundation, and I admit that I google Lorin every once in a while, to see what the Honolulu Star is saying about him, what award he has been presented with.

I was in Lorin's first class to formally train interpretive hike leaders in Kamananui Valley. The ha'ole from Hickam - Lorin's embrace included everyone, always!

Ahh, the photos!! I remember Nora, and Helen, and Leimomi, and others whose names are escaping me.

That Lorin was surrounded always by so many people who loved him. A magical life! I am so grateful that he blessed mine.

Jane (Feldman)