Dave Raney
Oct 6, 2010

Subject: Tribute to Lorin Gill

I was granted the gift of being able to hike many trails under Lorin's leadership.

Some were with him when he was the Outings Leader pointing out invasive species, tiny tree snails, and all sorts of other flora and fauna I would otherwise have missed.

On other forms of trails he provided wisdom, guidance, and discipline as our Chapter grew from a few people operating out of a small office on the grounds of the Bishop Museum to the strong organization it has now become.

Lorin was especially visionary in recognizing the importance of engaging young people in the cause of conservation, and doing so by direct contact with the outdoors.  He created and nurtured the High School Hikers Program, and graduates of that program are now important leaders in today's conservation movement.

He was a pillar of he Chapter, and will be sorely missed.

Mahalo and Aloha, Lorin.

Dave Raney