Annette Kaohelaulii
My Fond Memories of Lorin

Annette Kaohelaulii
In the early 1970’s I became an avid hiker and enjoyed exploring the ridges and valleys of Oahu. These hikes were some of the happiest memories of my life.
My inspiration and enjoyment of the natural resources grew as a result of meeting Lorin Gill. I knew nothing about the native Hawaiian plants and unique places he talked about.  His ability to share his enormous store of information about the natural world with such ease and enthusiasm, piqued my curiosity and I immediately wanted to learn more.
I was invited to help out with the newly formed High School Hikers’ Program that Lorin was forming, and dutifully did the interpretive training for that. I knew this new world of natural resources was where I wanted to be, and I knew I wanted to share it with others.  Lorin was my model and inspiration. 
In addition to the High School Hikers program, I was soon leading and organizing Sierra Club hikes for adults, which was a whole different experience.  I felt it was important to me to share my experiences in the natural world with others.  For the next 45 years I led hikes and excursions all over the state of Hawaii for Sierra Club. 
Armed with my newly found knowledge and skills on how to plan and execute small guided hiking and camping trips —again Lorin’s training provided the skill and know-how, I was equipped to eventually start my own travel business doing guided ecotourism adventures for visitors.   Annette’s Adventures evolved over the years into a personalized itinerary planning service for visitors who were interested in bird watching.
Over the years, I have transformed my yard into a small native Hawaiian forest and memorial garden to friends who have passed away. In addition to the trees which shade my property, I planted other native Hawaiian plants throughout the yard.  For my 60th birthday party, Lorin was able to recognize my house by the native Hawaiian plantings in the yard.
This past year, as Lorin’s health began to fail I realized what an enormous influence Lorin had on my own life.    To honor his memory in my own way, I decided to create a scholarship at UH so that others would have similar opportunities to learn more about the marvelous and unique natural resources of Hawaii.
Lorin’s legacy lives on in numerous ways.  I spent the past week reading and scoring requests for proposals to the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Natural Resources Advisory Group.  So many people that I have met over the years of working on Sierra Club projects throughout the state are developing wonderful projects to protect and care for our natural and cultural resources in Hawaii.  I see Lorin’s influence everywhere I look.  Mahalo nui loa Lorin.

Nov 20, 2010