Glenn Bauer

November 21, 2010

On my first trip to Hualalai in 1974. We were driving up to the cabin near the summit, when Lorin stopped the jeeps for us to get out and stretch. He pointed out cattle damage and then a lone naio tree. So I asked him, "isn't naio bastard sandalwood?" His reply, "no, it's genuine naio!"

On my first trip to Wailau in 1974, we had just left Halawa and were approaching Haka'ano, when Lorin pointed out the massive light gray lavas at the top of the sea cliff and called them "papa kea"...being the geologist, I corrected him and told him it was "mugearite"...he kind of harrumphed and said, "no the correct term is papa kea!"

. Glenn Bauer