Faith Roelofs 

Tribute to Lorin Gill by Faith Roelofs 11/20/2010

Lorin was my mentor for 25 years starting with the founding of the Hawaii Nature Center in 1981 when he, Margaret Smith Young, and others formed a board to direct the development of HNC. Ever the exacting teacher, Lorin took me and my docents on hikes, corrected our lesson plans, and insisted that we teach accurate information.


Then along came the ‘Ohi’a Project that he and Maura O’Connor and many others developed as the environmental curriculum for schools in the islands.


Next came the “Exploring the Islands” series with Lorin leading us on two-day field trips to several sites on each island. What joy to be trailing along a high ridge with stunning views of valleys and distant mountains! Or walking up a stream in our jika-tabi with a bamboo stick to keep us from washing down stream like a baby o’opu. Those trips are among my fondest memories as I followed Lorin in his true element and tried to capture on paper his incredible knowledge and love for the islands and its people.