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Talicia StarFang

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I didn't know I could hurt in so many places. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Real equines, unlike the amusement park variety I rode as a kid, do not come with auto-conforming cushioned seats nor do they gallop with a soothing motion. I staggered to the campfire where the guides were burning real plant fibre. The smoke wisped across my face and I coughed; my eyes stung and I reflexively gasped and inhaled even more into my lungs. Arrrgh! This "roughing it" is getting too realistic.

John, the guide patted my back a few times, pressed a cup of "Joseph" into my hands and led me to a nearby plant trunk. The caffeine flavored "Joseph" soothed my throat and helped me catch my breath. Embarrassed, I glance around at the other guests. A good looking young red-headed femme smiled at my distress and said "Hi, I'm Talicia". With rejuv nowadays, she could have been 30 to 130, but what caught my eye was the sparkle of her smile. Her fang toothed smile. Her fangs with a sparkle. I must have stared because she laughed and said "Don't worry, I don't bite. Strangers, that is".


Talicia Starfang FAQ


Talicia wa named after her Russian Mongolian grandmother, Natalia and her Irish American grandmother, Alice. Her curly coppery hair framed an oval face with a slight Asian slant to the eyes. Which would not be notable except that her right eye was a pale apple green while her left eye was dove grey.

As a smaillish child she loved gymnastics and was a promising star in the junior acrobatic team in school. But at the age of 14 her body caught up and spurted within two years to a hight of 5 feet 8 inches.

Forsaking competitive gymnastics, she studied Aikido and Tai Chi.

At 5 feet 8 inches and 130 pounds, she was no slender femme, rather a lithe athelte.

Upon entering the University of --------, she majored in the Philosophy of Religion and Mythology, earning a doctorate .

She became a Mythology and Comparative Religion professor in a large cosmopolitan University.

Happily married to Kiran ----------, she settled down to a normal life two children, X and Y, until a starliner accident killed Kiran while on a business trip.

After children had grown up and left, Talicia continued teaching.


Tired and bored, she decided to vacation at a resort which was hosting a occult themed getaway for a month. She decide to go as a vampire, complete with implanted fangs.

There is a rumored "vampire cult" that act out some of the mannerisms of the European based legends. Although denied by the authorities, many believe they exist.

Shortly before she departed, she was infected wit the common cold, stuffy nose and all.

During the vacation, she was pursued by another "vampire" with fangs who tried to seduce her.

During the foreplay, he bit her neck with his fangs, penetrating the skin .

Shocked, hurt and angered, she bit him in return. Her fangs also penetrated the skin and hit a blood vessel in his neck. She was splattered with some of his blood, including some on the wound on her neck.

Wounded, the guy cursed at her and ran off.

Vampire culttists often use artificial pheromones to attract victims and induce a suggestive state similar to a trance.

Talicia's cold and stuffy nose reduced the effects of the pheromone, unknown to her assialant. Which is why she reacted when she was bitten.

The vampire cult employs a nanotech declared illegal by all governments.

The effects of the nanotech are enhanced senses and recuperative capability of approximately 50%.

Requirements are periodic infusion of human protein, usually in form of human blood, which the nanotech uses to repair or replace damaged cells in the host.

Legal vampires or those accidentally infected are required to possess radioactive tracers in their blood for positive identification.; much like serial numbers on weapons.

Talicia underwent six months of treatment by the government to purge her system to no avail.

She then was enrolled in the legal vampire program and given a radioactive tracer mechanism.

The tracer mechanism must be in contact or close proximity to a blood vessel.

She chose to have it installed into her incisor fangs, near the blood vessels which feed the tooth.

A side effect is that her fang can been seen to twinkle on occasion, a byproduct of the silicon dioxide inspection window required for it's periodic maintenance.

That's how she earned her streetname of StarFang

Because of the treatment and ostracism in her home area, as they found out about her condition, she left her job and accepted a position as a "watcher" in the little known government vampire nanotech control agency.

To be continued………….