How to Quickly Publish a Web Page

What's a Web?

 The "web" is the term for a collection of information electronically stored in computers (called servers) scattered throughout the world.

 The ability to quickly store and retrieve information electronically with relative ease in a timely manner is acknowledged as part and parcel of twenty first century life. The web augments and, in many cases, replaces the dominance of printed matter. Dissemination of information by the web is rapidly becoming the norm.

 A "web page" is analogous to a printed page and a "web site" to a book or catalog. "Web publishing" is the act of making the pages accessible on the web.

 A major part of the power of the web is the "link" function. Whereas in printed matter, the use of footnotes provide the "link" to additional relevant material, on a web page, a word, phrase or image is sensitized such that clicking on it automatically accesses the relevant data. This ability to immediately reference supporting data at any time is a breakthrough in rapid information retrieval.

How can I use the web to help me?

 If you need to disseminate information quickly and to a large audience with the ability to revise the information at any time, then publishing on the web is a viable option.

 Some examples are schedules, notices, reference material, resource lists, work assignments, etc.


How do I publish on the web?

 To publish, you require several things: 

So, let's get started


You need a web host to store your web pages. Some options are:

You need to format your content into web-acceptable format. Some options are:

Finally, you need to disseminate the URL address to your audience

 A quick and simple web site using Google Site Creator

 Google Site Creator is a free web host combined with a web-page authoring tool. It is a basic tool with some limitations, but perfectly usable for beginning web sites.

 In order to use Google Sites (as it is commonly called), you MUST have a Google Gmail account. You can request a free account as follows: 

 The Exercise 

The Home page

The second page 

Modify the second page

 Pau – (done)

 You have successfully created a website with a home page and a link to a second page. The second page has a link to return you to the home page.

 You have also created a link to an outside source of information on Hawaii Biodiversity.

 To test this, type " " into the Address line and press Enter. You should see your home page. Click on the link at the bottom for your second page. This should now display your second page. Click on the link at the top of the page and it will return you to your Home page.

Links to the outside world

 You can return to Google Sites at any time to add, delete and change pages and content. For example, you could edit the second page to add additional links. Just type in a word/title, highlight it and click on the Link button. Select Web Address and type or paste in the URL and click the Ok button.

Adding images onto the page

 To insert an image or graphic onto a page, click on the insert , then images on the top to get the "Add an image" page.  Click on the "Browse" button and select an image file from your computer.  Once the image appears, highlight it, then click the "Add Image" button. You can then click and drag the image wherever you want. You can also select the size of the image (Small, Medium, Large, Original Size).

 Good luck, have fun


Jim Yuen 4/26/2006
revised 4/17/2011